Isao Sanami Morrill

Pottery and Art

Hand sculpted designer piebirds, functional and non functional pottery, and paintings.



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Photo: Joseph Bengivenni

Artist Statement:
I present my landscape paintings to show what we are today and to navigate among the changes that time brought . The change is constant and seeing it allows me to bring movement in my work.There are many ways to record what we see and feel. To me painting at the site is a way, since it leads me to see that I am a part of all that surrounds me beyond time and change. I do watercolor, soft pastel, oil pastel, and oil bar.

Isao Sanami Morrill was born and educated in Japan and has been a potter for over 40 years. She studied pottery methods with several Japanese masters as well as Don Morrill, her husband, and other Western potters. Isao traveled to study in several countries, including the South Western United States, Mexico and Nigeria (studying techniques of native peoples).

She has received several awards since 1976 in NS, BC and NB. In 1985 Isao received a Canada Council for the Arts award for the construction of a 300 cubic foot wood fired kiln as a sculptural object. (The kiln has since been used by the Universite de Moncton.(N.B.),and Nova Scotia College of Art & Design.

Isao taught pottery classes and conducted several workshops at community centers, art centers, the BC Potters' guild, elementary schools and high schools in NS, NB and BC since 1978.


You are welcome to visit the studio and gallery by appointment at

27 Boudreau Branch Rd. Church Point, Nova Scotia, Canada - 902-769-0196

Isao is available for clay workshops, demonstrations and international consultancy in the establishment of potteries.


Photographs by Isao Sanami Morrill

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