Isao Sanami Morrill

Pottery and Art

Hand sculpted designer piebirds, functional and non functional pottery, and paintings.



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Hand Sculptured Pie-vents on order!
Each is wheel thrown and hand carved.

There are three categories:
Plain with brush design, Wide shoulder with brush design, and one of a kind Specially designed piebirds.

Size: approximately 4 1/2" to 4 3/4"(11.5cm to 12cm) high, 1 3/4" (4.5cm) in diameter.

$25/each (for special birds), $10/each (for plain with brush design), and $15/each (for wide shoulder with brush design)

Price does not include Shipping and Handling. ALL PRICES IN CANADIAN DOLLARS.

Before you order please contact us by email to send delivery information:

*NOTE: Payments are only accepted by cheque drawn on a US BANK or CANADIAN BANK, MONEY ORDER, or CERTIFIED BANK DRAFT.

Sorry credit cards are NOT accepted.

Customers in countries other than US or Canada, please contact us directly before making your order as shipping charges vary from country to country.


Photographs by Isao Sanami Morrill

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