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Poems for People and Dogs
(Two volume set) Poetry by Don Morrill with illustrations by Isao Sanami

2 VOLUME SET ISBN: 0-9731143-1-2

Sample Selections: Book I (ISBN:0-9731143-2-0)

The straight straw haired virgins of Haight

So innocent in their corruption
So corrupted in their futures
Walking their poodle children
In suburbia.

Kyoto Winter

No longer stand in shadow
Watching outward, the play of light.
Heat, dancing within solid mirage.

I seek heat
Like Weiner’s mole
My energy runs low, death seeks me.

I run from shadow to light in jealous despair
At earth’s temerity
Stealing from me one degree of autumnal


Sample Selections: Book II (ISBN:0-9731143-3-9)

Sla-hal-t-kan...the place of winds

The maple dances in the sunlight.
The lilac stands watching
Sadly clattering seed-cones.
Recalling spring.

and I,
who have spent a lifetime
in smoke-filled rooms.

Only now, realizing
that the mountains now stink

of human afflatuce.

First Editions: Copies available July 2004, from the publisher.

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