-Vernon resident, Nara Straw facing police and enormous medical costs after tragic accident in Brazil.-


Two died and 22 wounded in accident

The majority of passengers were foreign tourists

Two people died, including an Italian tourist, and
22 were wounded in the accident
involving a bus license plate JOM-0423, licensed in
Brasilia, of Real Expresso transport and a dump truck loaded with
sand. The vehicle was carrying some Brazilian and foreign tourists
from the region of the Chapada Diamantina,
in the center of the State, to the bahian capital,
when it crashed, at around 5:30am yesterday, into the
back of the dump-truck license plate JOM-0423, licensed in Simões filhos,
at Km-605 on the highway BR-324, a stretch of the road of the
Industrial center of Aratu, between Feira de Santana and Salvador.
Edson Roberto Santos de Andrade died on location, 20 years old,
living in Salvador and employee of the Secretariat of Administration.
The other victim was the Italian tourist Michelle Rome, 27 years,
that died when entering the State General Hospital (HGE). Of the wounded,
18 had been brought to the HGE, one to the Hospital Roberto Santos
and three for the Hospital Alianca. Americans, Danish, Italians and
Canadians were amongst the group of tourist that travelled in the
Real Expresso bus.

In the assessment from Federal Highway Patrol (PRF), the driver of the bus,
still not identified, had slept at the wheel. Upon impact,
the dump-truck, that was rolling at a slow speed, due to the weight of the
load, was pushed into the shoulder of the road,
hitting a rock and flipped over on its side.
The bus also went into the shoulder and stopped with its back end in the
road. The passengers of the bus that were sitting on the right side
were the most affected, for example Edson Roberto and the Italian tourist.

The traffic in the Feira/Salvador direction went slowly
for several hours, causing great congestion. Police agent Edmilson Navarrese
Crispim of Andrade and the driver of the Legal Medical Institute,
Elbo Jorge, father and uncle of the young Edson Roberto,
Were still on duty, when they were informed of the death of the young man.
Both went to the scene of the accident, in the BR-324, to take care of the
removal of the body. The father of Edson said that his son worked in the
Mobile SAC and was 15 days in the region of Seabra.

The wounded who had been medicated in the General Hospital:
Mirto Gato Poulou, 27, italian; Nara Straw, 24, canadian;
Lina Maria Berglh, 22, Mônica Kiklander Berglh, 50,
and Berlt Packert Densen, 28, danish;
Sam Higgins, 22, American; and Blanco Nederland, 28, French,
Among the Brazilians, João Pereira Gonçalves, dump-truck driver,
Maria Ângela Guimarães Cruz, 30, Nadjara Moreira dos Santos, 23,
Diomário de Barros Galo, 28, Ângela Paula Muniz de Oliveira, 32,
Viviane Dias Rocha, 26, Francisco Batista Souza, 24, Carlos Alberto
Alves Cardoso, 26, Lenita Salgado Correia, 63, and
Alexandro Rambo, 62.

Until noon of yesterday, the wounded continued in State General Hospital.
No foreign relative or friend of had appeared at the HGE to accompany them.