-PHOTO- On offer in Sukothai-Grasshoppers and bamboo grubs mmmmmm.

-PHOTO- Tile table and chairs

-PHOTO- Tom and Burt at coffee

-PHOTO- Mr. Heheh and Burt

-PHOTO- A little Karen spider

-PHOTO- Outside the YDC at Umpium Mai

-PHOTO- Burt at YDC after a day of kiln building

-PHOTO- Kai at YDC after a day of kiln building

-PHOTO- La-E-She's little daughter Horo-Shee makes this face to single men.

A boy and his lizard

Evening Jenga Tournament

Land Mine Demonstrations in Umpium

Ancient Burmese jars in front of carved teak backdrop

Visit to Sukothai Historical Park

Mound kiln near Sukothai Historical Park